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Act every day for the environment protection and proposed pragmatics and innovative services

Go with industrials in ingredient conception of biodegradable products

Preserve natural ressources with valorization of organics wastes 

Why Scanae ?


Expert lab of biodegradability

Scanae offers innovative analytic services and studies,

by integrating a complete vision of the product and ingredients lifecycle :

+33 (0)7 63 62 34 34

Eco-formulate and eco-production :

Select ingredients and raw materials

Biodegradable development and production

Waste recycling :

Select the interesting deposits

Enhance recovery of organic waste


Attest the eco-responsible approach :

Ensure the product's environmental quality

Ensure the reduction of the indutries impact


We favorise an environmental awareness 


We contribute to the reduction of environmental impact of products and industries


We develop a participative and engaged organization in respect of humans


We thanks

Our partners, for their support and enthusiasm, from the company project until now.

Our clients, for showing their trust by entrusting us with their analysis and strategic projects.

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